August 2nd, 2011

Ocotillo Sunset

RIP Leslie Esdaile Banks (Author LA Banks)

I've just learned that Leslie Banks passed away last night. She was diagnosed with adrenal cancer, a particularly nasty cancer to get, just a relatively short time ago.

There is still a benefit planned for her in Philly this weekend by the Philly Liars' Club, of which she was a member. This is the link: It includes a donation button at the bottom.

I'm sure others will be posting more details as they become available.

I had met Leslie casually a couple of times. She was a regular at Philcon, but I was just a "kid" so to speak. But for the past two years, I've been on panels with her and have had a chance to really talk to her. She was charming, funny, and intelligent. She had come up through the school of hard knocks, but gave off the air of a gentle and wise soul who had learned a lot along the way. I'll miss having the oppportunities to get to know her better.

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