September 26th, 2011


Nine Cats Press

This is the name of the press that now publishes Miss E's books. She has a new contract. Wolf Tree Press dropped her, as publishers do.

We think the name is a good omen. We have nine cats. Only Miss E, now in middle school and more sensitive about being "different," would prefer that I say we have "several" or "many" cats. Or just that we have cats. She thinks people will think we're strange if we tell them just how many felines inhabit our ten acres of outdoorsy goodness. And at the same time, she was begging me to let her get 1-2 more cats from the shelter just this past weekend when we stopped to say hello at Petco.

Truth, I swear.

We have a baseball team, but no designated hitter, after all. Our pitcher, Goliath, must also hit. (Yes, we know what positions they play.) So while the Red Sox are Weatherdude's team of choice (and haven't they reached a reocord-breaking level of suck this year!), these guys are more like the Cincinnati Reds (Pete Rose and Johnny Bench), the league I grew up with. Or the Nationals.

So I thought I would attempt to post about a different cat on each day, complete with photos, to continue the blogging. One of the things you discover when you have this many critters is that they still have distinct personalities and quirks. They're all individuals. Despite the fact that five come from an inbred feral colony and three of those are litter mates.

Rainbow Tom, The Regent
Goliath, A Guard
Puddy Dale, Jr. (PD), A Guard
Benny, A Junior Guard
Shy Ozzie, The Queen to Be
Doodledorf Casey, Her Sister
Ferb, A Guard in Training, Brother to the Queen to Be
Phineas, A Playboy Prince, Possibly the Prince Consort
Grady, In Contention to be Prince Consort or Sister's Consort

There might be a break when I drive this upcoming weekend, but we shall see. I need some new photos as well. I can see I shall be busy for the next ten days or so.

Frog Out