November 1st, 2011


Snow Photos...

So I was the one who went out Sunday morning after the snow to let the chickens out. Here we have Walkabout Farm at 8am eastern in the early morning sun on Sunday...

And the yard looking toward the trampoline and my cabin...(can't see my cabin and my windows are still open because, well, it's just fall, not winter).

And in the other direction, hidden behind bushes, our access to the outside world. I banged snow off the dish twice, but the real culprit when connectivity went from 53 to 0 was the Rose of Sharon behind it. Weatherdude had to trim some more branches to keep them free of the dish. Always fun to bang on branches and have oodles of wet snow drop down the back of your neck, isn't it?

The chicken run has wire across the top to keep hawks out. Most snows go through, but a wet one makes pretty patterns.

I was late letting them out on Saturday during the snow. The most aggressive one (a new hen from this year) ran for the ramp and then stopped short at the sight of the snow. "Hell no, we won't go," was clearly her reaction. How do they know? None of them ever do white stuff. But on Sunday, when I took these photos, five of the new girls did go out so I put their feed back out in the run.

The living room has been occupying most of our time. We spent both days of the weekend on it, a family event, sorting and cleaning. That slowed down my blogging. Next post will be of the living room. Last night on Halloween, Weatherdude and Miss E carved three pumpkins since Miss E saw no point in collecting candy she won't eat.

Frog Out