November 22nd, 2011

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Consistency Not Possible At Times

I'm posting more often, but attempting to make the posts more interesting. You don't really want to read about my writing process, do you? And I'm not one to post when I submit stories or when I receive rejections. I'm not one to post about the current state of the marketplace, stock or writing, equally hideous. I do occasionally post about taxes, but that's always in general and this isn't a tax blog. It's the chicken and cat blog, the Walkabout Farm blog. Which isn't at all the same as that Pioneer Woman blog I've heard of. Trust me.

I could tell you I was at Philcon last weekend, but I also saw some of you already. So it would be redundant and outdated to say that I moderated two panels, critiqued 5 novel excerpts for the writing workshop and was on a third panel. Philcon treats me well and I'm highly appreciative. But you know what? I'm going to be redundant and outdated anyway. And I'm going to say I saw a few faces that I wished had come up to say hi or said hi to some faces and had no time for more, alas. People I would love to sit down with, but it didn't happen for one reason or another.

The panel for 50 story ideas in 50 minutes was a blast to moderate. I had six able panelists with me and the ideas flew around the room. Some were even worth writing. The audience asked at the beginning if we would do plot, character and worldbuilding, but I put my foot down. That would take far more than 50 minutes to do. The blurb was explicit that it was 50 IDEAS and that they were to be unplanned. So we did about half going down the row and some riffed off previous ideas and most were new. The default was something from Ef Deal the night before: "A Llama walks into a bar..." We never needed to use it. For the second half, we took words from the audience and riffed ideas from those: grace; eyeglasses; island; etc. I kept count and we finished well before the 50 minutes. So then we built on each other for a couple of rounds. There was laughter in the audience, so as far as I was concerned, we had entertained.

The workshop went well. I mustn't talk about the details, but Greg Frost and I were sorted into one group while Darrell Schweitzer and Stephen Segal took the other. It's Darrell's workshop and he did the sorting. Somehow Greg and I ended up with the novels. Thanks to some good local publicity (probably jongibbs), we had 11 submissions, which is a half dozen more than the average. But we lost our usual room and time. Not to mention how could we handle so many? Hence, Darrell's split. So Greg and I and our group of writers were sent downstairs to the bar, which, alas, wasn't open at 10AM on a Saturday. It was encouraging to see so many nodding heads when we gave our critiques. I wish them all the best for the rewrites.

I had breakfast with Vickie oracne, which was mahvelous. And I babbled away with Ray Ridenour and Fran Wilde and it was an all-round fun time. The best part was being finished on Saturday so I could go spend time with Greg's wife, Barbara, before coming home.

And now? Well, Miss E has taken her math test and Thanksgiving vacation starts tomorrow and we're driving to Nahant. We're also trying to decide if we will spend xmas at Disney World and use up our disney reward dollars.

The chickens are wet and cranky, but I just bought and filled the feed barrels so they will have food while we're gone. The cats are not wet, but are hunkering down indoors today. I made cranberry jelly and I need to vacuum. Oh the excitement!

So there you go. A filler post of no particular interest.

Frog Out