December 30th, 2011


Ack! TIme Slipping Awaaaaay....

Between the DDOS on Livejournal for the Russian elections and our spotty internet at home due to Hughes Satellite (Miss E recently told the tech who called that there were no issues...), it's been difficult to get a consistent post up. And then there's the whole Disney thing.

At any rate, I have these photos that were taken for Miss E's new book, The New Queen (preview is out there, if you know what to look for on Blurb or in Google).

Grady, looking quite elegant for such a teensy little cat.

Ferb asking his sister Doodledorf Casey how she got herself into this mess. (It was an open casting call?)

"I've got you now, my pretty!" (Thomas, Casey, and Shy Ozzie totally obscured by her sister's bulk.)

Frog Out