Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Farm Update

I'm having to break the ice in the animals' water dishes outdoors the past few mornings. They're all rather confused about it. Last year, I broke the plastic bucket one day as I was smashing ice with a stick. I'll have to be careful of that. The large bucket seems to be brittle at low temps.

E and I walked 2 miles on the trail, our regular route. Much less complaining this 3rd time out. Of course, I don't get the silence, but I get a lovely running conversation about this and that and I still get to watch the sunset. Gloriously clear evening with that brilliant winter yellow/orange stretched around the southwest horizon. E saw the blue heron coming in to land. A half hour later as we reached home, a very red full moon was just rising in the northeast. The black branches of the trees catch and hold the brilliant color. Stark images of winter. It's almost the shortest day, hooray.

The girls are holding up well. E let them out for a few minutes yesterday. They weren't ready to go back in when we rounded them up. They have their own heater in the coop. It looks like one of those old heaters that had steam running through it and always clanked. It used to belong to the sadly now deceased outdoor cat. He was always warm and cozy in the woodshop (formerly a garage) his last two winters. I miss him. He used to be around the property, hanging out with us, sitting in the sun somewhere while we worked on cutting wood or gardening or whatever.

Use the heater in good health, girls.

Frog Out
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