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Ok, so it's really cold today (26F). The girls were mostly huddled around the door and the heater this morning. At least the sun had been on the barn for almost an hour, which also warms up their coop. Production is down, I'm sorry to say. Only 9 eggs yesterday, 10 the day before. One was dropped from the roost this morning (bombs away!) and it was a chicken that has been laying thinner shells so it didn't survive the drop. The fat ones that lay the biggest eggs seem to be handling the cold better. Almost every egg is one of the jumbos.

I walked yesterday and wasn't really dressed for it. Quite a wind kicked through. I had done a trash run to the landfill and I had barely left time for a 2 mile walk before it was time to get E from school. So I was in my favorite section of the trail, but the first half mile is more open and closer to the highway. I barely got into the silent section, barely had time to say hello to the llamas and listen to the wind in the tree branches. On the way back I was taking that wind in my face, the wind that blows bitter cold all winter from the northwest, off the Appalachian range.

Which is the side of the house the bedrooms are on. With last night's wind, the thermostat said it was still a cozy 68 down the hall, but it was quickly down to 60 in the bedrooms. I finally broke down and set the thermostat higher than its standard night setting of 63. There's a limit to how cold my nose wants to be.

It's sunny, there's less wind, and it's Friday. The Walk Day. No tank tops today, mind. Well, only under about 5 other layers.

Frog Out
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