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The Cold is Becoming Boring

Ok, I'm officially bored by writing about the cold. So I'll write about the one E has given me. No, that's boring too. No one wants to read that I dozed all night, unable to actually sleep since I can't breathe. Oh. What? You did read it. Sorry about that.

It's so cold this morning (20F at 8 am) that all the chicken water is frozen and the girls are thirsty. The ice is thick in both watering bowls. There's ice in the hose so I can't turn the pump on and make them a puddle. Brain is definitely not firing on all cylinders, but I heated a kettle of water on the stove with some idea of melting what was in their bowls. Then I changed my mind, mixed that with cold water in the large watering can and sacrificed a square plastic dish. I figured warm water won't freeze as fast and by then the temps are supposed to warm up. The girls weren't quite sure about this warm water, but they got in there anyway. Problem solved (and without the engineer around).

Now I'm supposed to get E to Art Class and myself to the Farmer's Market and back home with this very fuzzy head I have. Should be quite a challenge. I've promised E she can 'rest' and watch movies this afternoon. And that was before I knew I would need a nap. Hopefully, both of us will be happily engrossed in tv and napping all afternoon. I'm not even going to think about dinner.

I'd like to put a big, fat, "Quarantined!" across my user pic. Well, imagine one. Stay out unless you want a nasty head cold.

Frog Out
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