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Sun was out this morning, which makes for a much nicer morning, in spite of wet feet in grass that needs to be mowed. Hens were talking and ready to be let out, whereas on the cloudy mornings they were all still roosting when I came down to the barn. Sun is rising later and setting earlier. All it takes is a few cloudy days to really make one notice the change.

Another inch of rain, almost. I shall celebrate by running water.

Yesterday was not a great day. Clients phoned at the last minute regarding payments due, like, now. E has a meltdown about 'something' on the chicken coop door, but I can't find anything when I go down and get the eggs myself. She's walking in a small circle in the paddock screaming at the top of her lungs while my cell phone rings and it's the client. I'm madly cleaning because my work group meets here this week. The house gets cleaned every other week this way. Group meets and I write a bad first draft on new topic for short story.

On the upside, the sun came out when it was time to go get the farm basket. Edamame again, tender thin green beans, 4 green tomatoes (must figure out how to cook them low fat), 3 lovely lavender eggplants that I must find a way to cook, 15 red peppers that will get used in egg stuff and salads, a bunch of swiss chard that should go into a soup and some thyme. I also picked up beets (must cook), new potatoes (must cook), 2 cantaloupes for the cantaloupe fiend and apples.

And on the downside, I've just learned that my little dramas from yesterday are just that. Little dramas. In the grand scheme of things, sitting and waiting while a friend passes puts my isolated, disconnected, life into perspective. The view from the birdhouse seems large to me, but it's really very small and narrow.

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