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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Looking for the Groove

Today is cloudy, but I finished the mowing yesterday, another 2 hours of it, lots of bagged grass that was much too tall. That will teach the grass to laugh at me. A beautiful expanse of mown grass with no cuttings on all sides of the house, acres of it in and out of trees. It felt good to be out in the sun, the temp warm but not hot, wrestling with the bagger and tractor. The most activity I've had in quite a while.

Yesterday G decided the temporary run hadn't been moved in a while and moved it while he was here to buy eggs. We let the girls out to run around while we moved the posts, bricks, fencing. Rainbow Tom got into the run and into the coop, where 2 hens were sitting. They squawked up a storm at the sight of him. He's just curious, hasn't done anything to them yet. It's Mrs. Gaines that's always after them. Thinks she can take down a bird twice her size. A few minutes later I went in to collect eggs. You would think I was one of the cats. The same hen set up a major squawk, calling me an egg thief. "Thief! Thief! Help!" I noticed when we were done moving the run and putting the girls back in that RT was still inside with no way out. Mrs. G can jump the fence, but he's too fat to get that high. Had to open up the fence to pull him back out.

On a side note, the tree frog that went to school did not fare well. It was fine in the morning, but barely moving when she came home. Moved only once in fact. We dumped it out by the fence where I wouldn't mow it and I covered it with a wet paper towel. Later J and E checked on it. I asked them to tell me that it was 'resting' and to provide no further details on its condition, I felt bad about taking it away from its habitat for 24 hours.

We forgot to put the girls to bed last night. Woke up at 12:30 and asked J if he remembered. So down we went to the barn. They were all on the roost, the light still on, their door still open. It's the door that's dangerous. There's where a critter would get in. They mumbled a sleepy good night. All was well. Our footprints in the dew were still there this morning when I went down to let them out. So the dew formed in the evening. Unfortunately, we were wide awake and sleep was elusive after that little adventure. I had more luck than J at dropping back off. E climbed in at 5 am, complaining that she wanted music and couldn't sleep as well. By this time, J and I were sound asleep, in fact, he was already late getting up. We were late getting off to school.

E has discovered The Beatles, specifically Yellow Submarine. I've added it to her newest ipod playlist (on my ipod) and we cranked it out on the 5 min trip to school this morning.

And on the topic of music, I'm hotly pursuing new sounds for writing. I trashed the meager collection of electronic/trance at the used cd store, went through the disgustingly small selection at Best Buy in Leesburg and I have errands in the east today so I'll be going to better stores with more potential for Banco de Gaia and Delerium. I'm planning to pull all my selections together and then start mixing them up into playlists for working in the cabin...a different sound, most often without words. And then there's the trance/house stuff that might actually be for moving around and getting some activity. Still flirting with that activity idea. I need to stop flirting and do it. So while I have to pick up a prescription for E, I can also do some music shopping that I couldn't otherwise justify the time and gas money for.

To prepare, I'm eyeing the house and making a list of the various chores that I should finish before I leave...laundry, meatballs, eggplant recipe, bills, journal, ipod update for trip, things to return to stores. Good thing it's just a yuck cloudy day. On the other hand, the light at dawn was fantastic, all indirect and diffuse. Need to write that down.

Frog Out
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