Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

I Feel Like a Chicken

I feel like Walkabout today. I want OUT of my run.

Yesterday, I walked 3.8 miles at 4:30 and finished in the dark of course.

I put Walkabout back in at 3pm yesterday and when I left at 4:30 she was out again. When I came home, no one had put her back in and she was there by the fence waiting for me in the dark. She wanted me to put her over the big fence so she could run through the hatch. Following me around the fence in the light of my flashlight to the barn door did not appeal to her. Man, she's stubborn. Or single-minded, like most chickens.

Ok, so I was feeling great yesterday morning. I didn't have time to do the treadmill at the gym, just lifted weights. And my right thigh was just peachy. I was able to walk up the stairs normally from the locker room. But I must have been pushing pretty hard on the walk because the thigh was sore and stayed sore. Didn't sleep well, in spite of taking some aspirin. Night usually helps, but I couldn't find a comfortable position.

So weatherdude has told me, quite sternly, that I am to do a non-impact cardio workout for the next week to see if the thigh improves. The dreaded elliptical trainer. Indoors at the gym.

And the weather outside is calling me. I really, really want to just disappear and go walking, despite how my leg feels. Because next week it will get cold again. This is the most special day for January.

And lastly, ::sigh::, I don't know HOW to use an elliptical trainer. I shall be forced to ask someone how to work it and will look like the total workout idiot I am.

Frog, thinking seriously about being AWOL from the birdhouse
Tags: health, silliness

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