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Horse Camp for Writers

In less than 2 months (hear my scream), I will be wending my way to Arizona, Tucson area, for a horse camp for writers. The dates are Friday March 2 through Sunday March 4.

The camp will be hosted by the emminent horsewoman, writer and breeder of beautiful lipizzans, Judy Tarr (dancinghorse). Information on the camp is also on her website: Horsecamp Page

It would be cool to the nth degree if an lj friend could come on the same weekend, presumably someone who likes horses, is interested in significant detail about horses, and lives closer to Arizona than I do due to the cost of airfare.

I will be paying standard blackmail rates to obtain the 'delete' rights to any digital photos or the negatives for any film photos. As I haven't been on a horse in over 30 years, this is not going to be a pretty sight. Funny, but not pretty.

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