Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Studies Show

Well, one study.

One study shows that one out of every twelve chickens is insane.

Walkabout gets out. E throws her back. She gets out again. I know because they all circle around to the Olympic side of their fence when I go out on the deck. Good eyesight on those chickens. Or one of them. Because what one does, the others do. And Walkabout also circled around, but on the outside of the fence. I wasn't ready to come down from the mountain, so I went back inside. An hour later, I went back out and everyone was in the run where they belonged. Walkabout had put herself back.

But being Walkabout, she seems to have gone out again. Because when it was almost completely dark and I went down to close them in for the night, there she was, coming to the gate to meet me. I had a flashlight with me. She followed the light this time. I turned on the lights in the barn itself. She liked this and began to explore the barn, showing no interest in getting inside the coop. I finally had to corral her in a corner and show her the door to her coop. At which point she did hop inside, but then started to eat. No concern for roosting at all. Certifiable.

One hesitates to anthropomorphize (does one?), but she clearly takes a path of least resistance. If God will come down and put you back in, why do all the work of flying? If your personal experience with God (remember, she's a Deist) indicates that God will ensure you are not left out in the dark, well, then, you have only to be a bit patient and God will appear and take care of you.

Can she learn that God helps those who help themselves? Or has she already done so?

Frog Out
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