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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Snow, No Wind

With the change in wind, the flight deck is once again open. Conditions are cold. Flights began again this morning and I've already put Walkabout back once. The heater is on in the coop and the barn door is shut. It's in the 20's out there. Brrrr. Their water was frozen and I'm maintaining a separate small dish of liquid state water.

There's a steady fall of snow, but it's tiny and icy and won't amount to much. Still, E is happy with it. She has decided to stay in her jammies all day. Her interpretation of her school's superstition that if you wear your jammies inside out and backwards, it will snow enough for a snow day. Not only are her jammies on correctly, this stuff isn't likely to do much. More's the pity.

Meanwhile, weatherdude has decided to be sick to his stomach. He claims he did not bring any bugs back with him from Texas. He thinks it's related to something he ate yesterday, presumably at the restaurant we went to. Together. In fact, he and I mostly ate the same food yesterday, though different entrees last night. Oh joy.

And I'm still thinking about that kick in the pants. Exercise is all well and good 5 days a week but not if it takes up all the time I would be writing. So I think it's time to set my alarm earlier. That would give me over an hour before E has to get up. Then there's an hour of getting her ready for school. Then I would have another 3 hours to 3.5 hours for work. Then off to the gym and pick her up from school. No family tasks, no futzing allowed. I can futz just fine in the evenings or when she gets home from school.

You heard it here first.
Frog Out
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