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They say you can hypnotize chickens. However, my friend that is supposedly an expert has yet to come out to the farmette and demonstrate her technique.

Today I will attempt self-hypnosis. I will repeat over and over: "I will edit the story. I will edit the story. I will edit the story."

When I get that one internalized, it will change to: "I will finish the edit. I will finish the edit. I will finish the edit."

One step at a time here. I'm halfway through and I've cut 10% of the total words already. This is a fabulous thing. However, I get so excited about how well I've cut the first half that I spend a lot of time tweaking it and not getting the second half into my brain where the editor can work on it. I just want to send it out half-edited and say to a reader "lookee what I did!" Which just won't work. Must fight my AD/HD tendencies and knuckle down and FINISH.

Right after I go let the chickens out.
Frog Out


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Jan. 31st, 2007 05:23 pm (UTC)
Will it help you finish if you know you have someone interested in reading your story???

Just don't hypnotize yourself too well...
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