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An alternative to chicken news:

The dog is senile. He goes out and 5 minutes later he can't remember that he went out to pee and he sits by the door and then barks. At which point I yell "NO!" loud enough to go through his mostly deaf ears. I inherited this dog when he was 9, so he was already a senior citizen. But back then, I could use hand signals and whispers to give him commands. He's a highly trained, fully papered, springer spaniel. A wonderful personality. Which means he's constantly under my feet, a velcro-dog, weatherdude calls him in disgust. No self-respecting cat is quite that clingy. He enjoys what the cats catch for snacks, but only after the carcass has aged a few days in the sun. He eats poop of all kinds as a snack. And then sits under my feet in my office and passes gas. Another thing cats don't generally do.

Meanwhile, PD is sleeping. Occasionally, he also whines. I think he's sleeping off the cold, waiting for his outdoors to warm up. Smart cat. The other two are young, stupid, and pissed off at the weather. They go out, they come in. They go out, they come in. And so forth.

There's a bird convention in the paddock. Hundreds of smallish birds, presumably migrating. At a distance, they have the look of grackles, which are usually around for a while early in the spring. But it's hardly springy. Someone should explain to them that Punxatawny Phil is hardly a scientific basis for weather prediction, regardless that he didn't see his shadow this year.

I have 3 times this morning boiled away my oatmeal water. I consider this a good sign that my brain is not stuck in reality. I was afraid it would be after a snow day. Meanwhile, my hind brain is insisting that I try a different voice for that story. Which I will sit down and do this morning. Shouldn't be too difficult, if my editor is correct.

The embers were there under a lot of ash. I scooped the ash I had not scooped yesterday. I'm more awake today. I've been to school and been the banker for E's class. Money and numbers always wake me up. Another reason I was concerned about my connection to reality. And I started the fire from the embers, a trick I like to do. My characters will do that too. It gives me such a feeling of success, of understanding the elemental nature of fire.

And now, off to the elemental nature of edit.
Frog Out
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