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Monday Again?

Wow. Monday again. Time to boil the water and build the fire. Let's see if I can boil water properly today. Or scramble eggs instead for a breakfast burrito. Decsions, decisions. I managed to make oatmeal yesterday, so I'm leaning towards the eggs...

Storm coming. Weatherdude has agreed the models 48 hours out and the main system will go to our west. Significance? Freezing rain/sleet instead of lots of snow. Possible power outages. Probable snow day. Oh joy. Smaller system goes to our south which will give us some snow.

So I'm just planning on a snow day, trying to think what I need to do that can't be done with E home. Unless she's glued to the tv (not a good idea), I won't get any writing or editing done. We'll be reading and doing speed drills. Had a thought last night of reading Alice in Wonderland to her. And then there's her Feb school project on a famous American. Ugh. I'll think about that later. First up, what needs to be done.

Frog Out



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Feb. 12th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
Famous American
My favorite --Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox
Her favorite - Walt Disney
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