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Work is slipping further and further behind. Yet another snow day today. That's three of them and we're headed into a three-day holiday weekend. Oh my. Tax work needs to be done, writing work needs to be done. What am I to do? Speed drills or let her watch tv? Sometimes duty sucks.

The ice is like concrete, as my neighbor said. You can drive a car on top of the stuff with almost no impact. 200 lbs can walk on the stuff without making a mark. The roads are all cleared (which is why I can't understand the school cancellation) but our 1/2 mile driveway is solid. There was a tiny window when the snow blower might have worked, then everything froze. Solid. Weatherdude couldn't get his car out yesterday morning.

On Wed, weatherdude ran my car up and down the driveway making two ruts. I have the all-wheel drive car. Otherwise, we have basically the same car, but my clearance is higher. I got to drive the ruts yesterday with Weatherdude sitting shotgun. Made me want to break out of the ruts and go free, which unnerved him. I just assume he can get me out of any situation, but he said, no, not in this case. I didn't get stuck, so there.

Meanwhile, driving the ruts feels like my favorite ride at Disneyworld and Disneyland, the Autotopia, where the cars have a raised rail between the tires to keep you in your lane. This is very similar. Which might explain why I had this urge to break fee of the ruts. There are a couple of interesting loops where I did.

We might get above freezing tomorrow. What a relief. I can't even find the chickens' dishes under the ice. But they have heat, food and water in the barn. Four of them finally ventured out yesterday to explore the ice.

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