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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Day Two

dancinghorse's accommodations are much nicer than my little cabin back in VA. For one thing, she has a guest bathroom. Well, actually, that might be the second thing as my cabin has no bathroom at all. I took some desert photos this morning and I'll post them when I get back. Her little 5 acres has the same feel as my property. When you stand in different spots, it feels different. You get a different perspective. It's hard to explain, but the idea is to stand somewhere and look out or look in. It's not just the horizon. It's also what's right around you. Like my discovering a tangelo bush this morning, but I missed the ruby grapefruit right behind it. I'll have a grapefruit tomorrow.

I got up and moved myself to dress a bit earlier this morning so I could get some early morning photos of the surroundings. Did some early morning work on the Mouse King. Then we went for a drive for errands, postcards, pecans, to see the scenery. I'm also interested in this part of AZ. There's a feel here, things to see in the flat scrub and cacti, saguaro every so often. One of the ranges has Mexico on the other side. Another shows signs of strip mining on a large scale.

Spoke to the horses again today. At breakfast, Camilla greeted me. Everyone else was busy. Later I was able to talk to more of them. They came up to the fence one by one to be adored. It was very clear that was my purpose. I was there to adore them. Even Capria thought I should say something to her. Khepera was especially gracious today...he's the gelding. He let me rub him a bit while dancinghorse was getting out their food. She said I was to keep him from untying himself and going walkabout. I felt useful. I actually know something about walkabouts, don't I?

I missed the evening meal because I was asleep with a warm cat on my lap. I fell asleep working on The Mouse King. sigh. Guess I needed the sleep. So after my nap, dinner and some Ghosthunters (which I had never seen before) we just went out and did the final feed of the night. Dogs have slept on me, cats have slept on me. It's not just the horses that are leaving white hair all over my clothes. I am so going to be in trouble when I get home and my animals smell all these other animals on me. I feel like such a slut.

And I just change into the horsey clothes to go out to see them. My impression is that they think I smell much better than when I got here. So today was about perfecting my ability to connect names with faces and to work on some feel about the desert area and the way of life out here. Like a 'barn' is certainly not what I would call a barn. It's a series of pipes and metal fences and gates (there are a couple of electric wires as well). In assorted locations, there are either corrugated roofs or white plastic canopies. But it's never really enclosed. The animals are out in the open with the ability to get into the shade if they want to. It looks a lot like a big temporary cattle chute and the various gates can function the same way. Mares, geldings, colts and the grand poohbah himself are shuffled around during the day like one of those puzzles where you have one empty square and then keep moving pieces around. It all looks so insubstantial, a place of light and air.

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