Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Process and Weather Notes

Inversion this morning. Lots of Rt 7 noise. Dew. Dog eats chicken poop. Light cirrus changes to cloudy and sun goes behind clouds. Cold. Neck aches from sleeping wrong with windows open. Cats curled up for warmth, very friendly. First fire in woodstove not far away now. Time to close windows in cabin and get G to install heat for winter. Cabin was abandoned in August's heat and day job, but now it's time. I finished the first playlist, 5 hours long. I can already tell that some of the cuts need to be deleted, they don't fit. Others are heavenly, fit right with the work I'm starting. Came up with dance steps during work group last night, came up with Commandments for these silly characters, rules of behavior. Which should lead to plot and conflict. Because these rules make for showdowns.

So, morning exercise. Write a scene that demonstrates how these Commandments work, how these characters interact as a result. Also think about whether they can break their Commandments, as humans do, and what the punishment would be.

Immediately take break to make eggs for breakfast. Geez, this creative stuff is exhausting. Next thing you know I'll be doing housework to avoid it. Hmmm, started boiling eggs for HB eggs, sorted eggs by date in fridge, looked at edamame for boiling, eggplant for baking, sorted apples for baking or drying, cut up asian pear for breakfast. And still have not started scene. Just remembered I haven't made the beds yet.

Tags: process, writing

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