Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Fauna Count

It's Sunday, it's fauna count time.

Heard bluejays kicking up a racket outside J's office, louder and louder, more and more of 'em. Thought a cat was in their area. J said the jays don't usually bother the cat, she's beneath their notice. Mrs. G is discovered asleep in the woodshop, PD asleep in the guest bedroom, RT asleep underfoot. Ok, not a cat. Six jays have now collected in the hemlocks outside his window, right by the house. They get closer and closer to the window. I remark that I'm beginning to feel as if I'm in a Hitchcock movie. Then a dead branch moves. Aha. Sent J out to investigate (naturally). A black snake is in the tree, driving the jays nuts. (Why? I don't know. Birds have limited brain power. It's not exactly nesting season, so they must be objecting to it on principle.)

It's hard to keep J from poking the snake, which is just trying to sit still. The jays move off. The 'J' continues to annoy the snake a bit. I tell E (buck naked) to quick get dressed and come see. This gets her moving again...she's prone to losing focus for periods of time and wandering about half-dressed. She comes out and suggests she take it to school. At first this seems to be a frog disaster in the making, but snakes need less humidity and can go longer without food. Eventually, this becomes the plan and we capture the snake, which is now on the kitchen counter looking quite irritated. J thinks it's the same snake, about 24 inches long. It looks quite long in the specimen box all curled up. I suggest putting something in for hiding or amusement, including a few crickets. The jays moved off to annoy something else.

A small wren got in the house through the open patio door, open for easy cat and dog access. RT jumped at full throttle off my lap from a sound sleep, having heard its wing beats 2 rooms away. The wren found its way down the hall to E's room. RT attempted to capture it. He's fat, but quite an opportunist. Meanwhile, we shut the door in his face and J captured the bird with E's net (usually used for frogs, toads, and butterflies). PD and Mrs. G missed all the excitement. The wren was released on the deck.

And it's not even noon yet.

In the farm basket this week, which I forgot to update on Thurs, were round summer squash (2), red peppers (15), edamame (which I finally cooked), asian pears, apples, chives. And yeah for me, I skipped the bakery stand.

Frog Out
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