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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Sunday Watch

Client meeting...but it was pleasant outdoors and the meeting was in the country and I had a lovely drive, so that was all fine.

Weatherdude opened the gate (at long last) to the temporary run and put the fence back up. And the next thing I saw was 3 hens running free. Which wasn't what he intended, but I guess he didn't check the entire fence and they went under where some bricks weren't in place. So I opened up the rest of the fence and let them all out. They spent a good part of the day out being properly 'free-range.'

We heard an incredible cat-fight noise in the afternoon and weatherdude went outside to see what was going on. The bachelor woodchuck was by the wellhead about 30 feet from the house. Weatherdude got close enough to see he had a bloody gash on his nose. The 'chuck then growled and rushed the 'dude and ran past him and under the deck. We think the murderous noise we heard might have been from him. Both boys were outside, but it's hard to say which would have swiped a claw across a woodchuck. My vote is Rainbow Tom. He's very territorial. He's the last freeloader allowed to arrive on the property. Not enough food for more, according to his pea-brain reasoning. And he might mistake a woodchuck for a cat. I'm thinking this because PD is generally pretty smart and this was a pretty dumb move. Woodchucks are harmless. Mrs. Gaines was indoors so she's got an alibi.

Which brings us to the revolving cat door on Sunday. Weatherdude threw them out. E feels sorry and lets them back in. Weatherdude throws out any cat he finds indoors. Grandma lets her favorite back in. Weatherdude throws them out again. I have this theory that it's all learned behavior with them. The food dish is indoors for the winter, so that's where they want to be. Doesn't matter that we put it outside yesterday. Tom lay on the table where it was SUPPOSED to be and looked hopeful. At which point I picked him up and put him on the table OUTSIDE where his dish was located. It will take a week or so to get them to spend most of their time outdoors again. All except Mrs. Gaines. She can't wait to go out. So many things to catch. She left something on the doorstep again yesterday.

And speaking of learned behavior, the senile dog has just barked to go out. I hate reinforcing this barking behavior. But it's 15 minutes to wake-up call for school and he does have to go out. As he's just reappeared in my office, I will now let him out. Barking does not get you what you want in life.

Frog Out
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