Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Look On The Bright Side

(I never can remember what to capitalize, which words are considered just too unimportant...no don't tell me. I like this kind of ignorance.)

The thing about tax season is that I'm stuck. I can't go to the gym, which eats up 3 hours I need. At least, I can't go as often and can't go during the day when my brain is functioning. And walking is another hour or two I don't have. So it's very much a stay at home kind of thing except for the occasional meeting. Which is frustrating, except everything is starting to bloom and I have lots of blooming things right here on this 10 acres of heaven.

But it's nice that someone benefits from my situation. Twelve someones. Because since the weather turned, I've been letting the girls out of their run altogether. True free range. Because during the day I'm gone for 15 minutes to pick up Eloise and another 15 to the post office. And that's about it. So I can keep an eye on them, so to speak. Go out and count them every hour or so.

And they're in heaven. They're getting lots of exercise and finding bugs to eat, I'm sure. They wander all over the back 5 acres or so. Their favorite spot is right up by the house under the deck. Which is very safe for them. No fox will ever get that close to the house. Egg quality has improved substantially in the last week. The shells are much smoother, fewer signs of stress. The ones that were molting badly on their necks are starting to grow feathers again.

So I'm looking on the bright side. Because, of course, once tax season is over in less than 3 weeks, I'll be down in my cabin writing. And they'll probably hang out there as well. There's nothing quite like a dozen chickens madly racing across the lawn to come see you. My father says he's never seen chickens behave like this before, so dog-like.

Frog Out
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