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Miss E is undertaking the latest, hottest approach to ADHD and problems with working memory and executive function. It's a computer 'game' called RoboMemo made in Sweden by Cogmed. Works with patterns of light, numbers and letters, lots of spacial memory as well. It gets progressively more difficult the better she does, eases up when she makes two mistakes in a row. Five weeks, five sessions per week. Lots of dollars.

There were forms to fill out for the 'before' analysis. Most interesting of these are the teacher responses that show Asperger's symptoms continue to show up, though mildly. And I identify with every one of them.

Can't get her mind off certain thoughts; obsessions
Daydreams or gets lost in her thoughts
Doesn't get along with other pupils
Difficulty following directions
Would rather be alone than with others
Nervous, high-strung or tense
Overconforms to rules
Talks out of turn (my entire family does this to the annoyance of others)
Self-conscious or easily embarrassed
Stubborn, sullen or irritable
Withdrawn, doesn't get involved with others
Overreacts to small problems
Becomes upset with new situations
Resists or has trouble accepting a different way to solve a problem
Acts upset by a change in plans
Does not notice when her behvior causes negative reactions
Has poor understanding of own strengths and weaknesses
Small events trigger big reactions


She's such a chip off the old block that I had trouble seeing that anything was wrong, other than she wasn't progressing at the rate I expected. From babyhood. But her school issues (and life issues in the future) pretty much mirror my own. I do my best to present a different face, have tried to learn how to behave as expected in some 'norm' standard. I did a lot of drama and plays when I was younger. It's not you on the stage, it's someone else. Exhausting, but it works.

Which might explain why I'm happier surrounded by chickens, cats, dogs and flora of all kinds than I ever was in an office. Why I was not cut out to be a manager. Why it was so stressful for me to try and 'read' every social/work situation and why I now avoid them as much as possible. Why I'm so present here on the internet rather than in person in my community. Why I use the self-check line at the grocery store. And even, why I'm a writer by vocation.

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