Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Egg Situation

I think I mentioned the boxes and boxes of eggs in the fridge...and each day a new box. I'm thinking of a story where the egg boxes take over a house like a huge nest. The boxes are stacked and stacked in rows and criss-crossed until there's a maze to be walked through the house to get from one room to the next. An egg maze.

Yesterday PD terrorized a ground squirrel and then lost interest and the poor thing got away. I'm not sure its prognosis is particularly good. Fauna count is low today. Just a bag of bird seed that appears to have been attacked by famished mice. J wants to line the cats up and explain their duties to them. Good luck with that.

J began work cutting plywood for the pantry shelves this afternoon. The pantry was built in summer 2004. Downstairs in the basement, I can't unpack dish boxes (from 2002) until I have room to put things upstairs in the pantry. Then we need to build bookcases in the basement and unpack J's professional books. It's all a massive puzzle, one that has one open square and you have to keep shifting everything around to get it into the final position. The problem is that a lot needs to be done before guests arrive for Christmas. And we won't even discuss the wall that J wants to take out and the hardwood floors to replace the 30 year old carpeting.

Meanwhile, we put E's soap project (with J) into the dehydrator to finish curing. I rubbed a lot of yuck off of each piece and then they seemed to cure pretty well yesterday. They had been curing in the basement for a few weeks and had not seemed to get beyond a certain point of sliminess. I'm beginning to think slime is part of the process and it needs to be rubbed off. E's christmas gift list is in very good shape and it's only October. The world will be a cleaner place come January.

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