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I'm very live and let live about nature in general. Couldn't live in the country without going nuts if I weren't. But there's one aspect of spring/summer/fall that I despise heartily. The tick. The nasty, disgusting, ugly tick. I hate them on the animals (hence flea and tick protection). And I hate them on humans.

There are two kinds around here: dog ticks and deer ticks. Only deer ticks carry Lyme Disease. But I hate them both passionately. Deer ticks are difficult to find on yourself because they're tiny before they attach. Dog ticks are more readily located. You need to locate the deer tick, though, less than 24 hours after it arrives or you risk Lyme. To our dismay, last summer we discovered we have infected ticks on our property. How? By Weatherdude contracting a major unexplained fever in July followed by a six-inch bullseye on his lower back. We are very lucky that his immune system was so vigorous. Many folks never notice Stage One or the bullseye.

But that was last year.

Windy days in the spring. Ugh. You are supposed to dump your clothes immediately into the laundry basket and shower after working outdoors. I usually forget. Last night I had a nasty reminder to do so.

It was E's bath day. So she's soaking in the tub, ready to do her hair and the Dude spots some dirt on her face. Dog tick. And 15 minutes later when I'm helping her shower shampoo out of her hair, I spot something in her ear. Dog tick. Two ticks in one day. And I usually find one on her a season. Ugh! I think they were so obvious because they were trying to get up and away from the bath water. Ugh!

Had the Dude check me for ticks last night. None noted. But I'm still freaked this morning. Bleah.

Frog Out



May. 21st, 2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
Ugh, ticks! I picked five off M once when she was about E's age. When we were visiting my parents in my hometown: Lyme, Connecticut. Three of the five were deer ticks. Aaaagh!

Actually, my dad and I are the only ones who haven't gotten Lyme disease (my three sisters and my mom have).

Maybe the ticks like a wet spring?
May. 21st, 2007 01:15 pm (UTC)
we're in mild drought here. 3 inches low. drought last year, too. No, I think they just like windy days and this area has a lot of woods and scuzzy deer. bleah. and I do hate how deer ticks are so hard to spot. glad you got those ticks off of Maude.