Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Final Entry On Process

Final visit to first grade class. The teacher suggested that I bring my journals. So I brought in 16 journal notebooks, my childhood poetry folder, the 4 notebooks that comprise the (very bad) high fantasy I wrote in high school. Mostly they were impressed with my poetry folder. It's blue and colorful in a very psychedelic sort of way with a zodiac as the main design. Jeez. If things go out of style, just wait. Boy, were they disappointed when I said it was more than 35 years old. They all wanted one like it.

So I passed around journals. They had fun finding everywhere E had made a scribble/drawing over the years. Because when we're out somewhere I'm the one that has paper and pens. Duh. And they pointed out blank pages for me. Not to mention my taste for different colored pens and my tendency to make weird notes. I also read them bad poetry. And told them I used to climb a tree and write up there.

I think the substantive thing I said was that I basically have 3 journal layers. One is just for me, a morning pages diary, as it were. The second is Birdhousefrog, which contains basically public posts about what's going on. And the third is a lot of notes and thoughts about what I'm writing, sometimes sorted into different notebooks and sometimes jumbled into a single notebook so I have to make notes on the outside and write story titles at the top of pages.

Frog Out

Update: Was going to make myself some sort of decent food to eat, like egg. Left a pan on the stove warming up with a bit of oil in it for I don't know how long. Have a lot on my mind today apparently. Stuff I'm all bent out of shape about and trying to figure out.

(happy birthday)

Orange iris blooms...I think it's 'Rave On' as opposed to 'Fireside Glow.' Yippee. Finally got an orange one, may it divide and conquer.
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