Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Happy News

The girls continue to do better, all ten. We let them out yesterday morning to join us in the garden as we weeded the blueberries and raspberries, which had become sadly overgrown through my neglect. So we went at them and got out all the bad stuff and the girls had a wonderful time grabbing the worms and grubs we uncovered as we pulled ground geranium and other weeds. Then they decided to pig-pile in a dirt bath. They had about two hours out with us constantly counting and keeping an eye out. The neighbors were also out, so it was not a good day for a fox to be hunting, though I heard at least one bark.

But today there is even happier news.

People have asked me about the name of my blog, Birdhousefrog, though to me it's obvious from the userpic what I mean. But why? Because a tree frog lives in one of our birdhouses. Last summer was the second year he/she appeared and the first time I was able to get a photo. In terms of something iconic about the blog, about this little slice of Eden I write about, a happy frog in a birdhouse was as iconic as anything. Especially in light of my little writing cabin. Had Walkabout been named and her personality been firmly established last fall, the blog's name might have been different.

Today, the tree frog showed up in the birdhouse for the third season. We don't know why the tree frog likes the birdhouse, or this particular birdhouse. No other birdhouse is inhabited by a tree frog, just birds. This one has also been inhabited by birds on occasion, but it's a busy location. It's down by the coop and E's swingset/clubhouse, and right by the gate to the garden.

this is a frog that seems quite pleased that the lilacs and honeysuckle are much more overgrown than last year.

makes it very difficult to get a good photo

last year the frog pulled its head back in when I got this close

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