Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Updates That Don't Much Matter

Egg production is up. The count is currently 9 a day with occasionally 10. It's either confinement or having the eggs scared out of them by the fox pair. Not that they're scared any more. Now they're bored. So I take them treats, such as overripe cantaloupe or bananas. They made short work of some old strawberries, too. When confined to the main run with nothing else to do, ten egg-laying hens will lay eggs. QED.

The woodchuck continues to try and get into the main run. He digs a new hole under the barn 'wall' and I fill it in or block it. Every time he gets in, he's obvious because he always moves the bricks around in the feed trays, drops them elsewhere, just as he does with bricks on the lid of the can of chicken feed. Woodchucks do not approve of bricks. QED.

Beautiful weather after nearly 3 inches of rain over the weekend. Driest May on record, less than an inch at the airports, though we had more here from a narrow band that came through. Good for the well. All of this happened the day after Anya's internment. When in drought, bury a chicken (deceased) in your dry pond. Rain will follow. QED.

Just sharing some logic this morning. Sort of like my writing. One event follows another and *must* be connected somehow.

Frog Out
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