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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Monday Update

Always sort of a shotgun post.

Great weekend in many ways, not so good in others. The lawn tractor has been held hostage at the dealership for mysterious repairs for mysterious ailments for over a week. It's supposed to be returned today. Which meant no 5 hours of mowing this past weekend. Gee. Shucks. Somehow the Dude also concluded this meant that hand mowing was also useless. And running the weed whacker. I like his thinking. We went to the gym on Sat evening, had a nice dinner after. E read books for hours on Sat morning as we sat on the deck and I worked on Mouse King, decadent in our pj's, surrounded by the chickens we let out for most of the day.

The Dude and E found a place to play miniature golf on Saturday. While they were out, I started the massive task of picking up, which is preparatory to dusting and vacuuming. Ugh. While I prefer vacuuming over writing, I will restrain myself this morning and will work on the Mouse King instead. I'm up to 4k words now, which is excellent because I have another 1k in my back pocket regarding the ending scene that I wrote some time ago. What's not so excellent is that the story is shifting a bit and will require major editing. Peaseblossom is being manipulated and needs to assert herself more, something not contemplated in the original longhand work. Her personality has gone a bit flat while the other three male personalities have asserted themselves mightily, the chauvinist pigs.

The blueberries are coming and this is exciting. They looked weeks away from ripening when we weeded just a week ago. But now the first bush has given me a few ripe blueberries. This bush is known as Bush #1 (my characters frequently have similarly dull and silly names). Once they get started, I'll have blueberries for about 4 weeks, sometimes as much as a quart a day. There's even a difference in flavor between the bushes, but you have to be a blueberry connoisseur to care.

I went down to see how many berries had ripened from Saturday evening to Sunday evening as dusk fell. Mrs. Gaines (now named Mrs. DeLashmutt-Gaines in honor of E's first grade teacher) climbed up the posts holding the netting and walked on the framework above me. I checked the birdhouse frog while I was shutting a gate and she was there (we'll call it a she) almost invisible in the dusk.

So. Time to get E up and off to school and get back to the Mouse King.
Frog Out
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