Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond


Update on today's fauna....

1 northern racer or rat snake, depending on the argument, approx. 24 inches long, still juvenile. Hard to measure as he/she was wrapped around J's hand. Felt neat to touch it, the skin very shiny as if newly shed. Lots of strength and the tail curls around you as you run your hand down its length. They eat the mice the cats don't get, like up in the attic, so they're some of our best pals. I once nearly mowed over one that was nearly 7 feet long. It went up a tree. I didn't mow in the trees for a few weeks. Found two in the attic once, probably up to no good. I heard slithering in the ceiling. Found a huge skin in the basement once. But today's count is one young snake, very confused.

Add to that a praying mantis of good size (another friend), a daddy long legs wandering in the pears on the counter (moved it outdoors on E's orders) and a tree frog that was a catch and release for E.

Okay so a city slicker runs screaming and snakes make some squeamish. Around here, this is pretty normal for a weekend. If we didn't have all these critters, we would be overrun by bugs and disease-carrying mice. I have nothing against mice. I like mice. Just not in my pantry or in my kitchen sink or in my bedroom closet. ugh. Go cats and snakes.
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