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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Is It Thursday?

Oh jeez. Line edits.

Here's a thought. Editing is like picking blueberries. You go through the text. You change things, find the overused words, wrong ideas, cliches, stuff like that. You go through the blueberry bushes and pick the ripe ones. Then you turn around and there's always more to edit, something you missed the first time. The same happens with the bushes. Just when I think I've picked every blueberry that's ripe, I see more.

E and I hadn't picked since Sunday. We have over 2 quarts this morning. Not only is Bush #1 in production, but now some of the others with the larger and sweeter berries have ripened. Not all. And that's actually the problem with Bush #1. To look at, you would think you could just strip every branch. It's blue everywhere. But on close inspection (and we do mean close) you find that more than half the berries still have pink or even white near the stem or on the underside away from the sun. Sigh. Is kinda frustrating. Like editing.

Mouse King continues. I have about half the line edits typed. All is red pen except for the 2 pages where I must make decisions. Yesterday in the only half hour I had to myself, I brainstormed some ideas of WHY I had this scene, what it was supposed to do. I got about 10 thoughts and one was a cool metaphor, so that will get used. But it's the non-metaphorical mechanical aspect of the scene that must be considered.

I also discovered something about my process yesterday. When I'm writing a rough draft and reaching for a phrase or word, I will type three words or phrases instead of one. Part of editing is to choose which works (usually a fourth) and delete the others. Once in a very great while, I am allowed to keep 3 adjectives for emphasis. But part of the edit is to go through and realize where I've done this, where my thinking was still muddy. But I'll probably miss some of these because this is only the first real draft and in places my thinking is still a bit muddy.

Back to work.
Frog Out
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