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And In Other News

Miss E's birthday extravaganza is now scheduled (officially) for July 7, the morning before I leave for Taos. Not great, but it's better than the weekend before. We need time to plan. Because this really is an extravaganza. Of literary merit. To whit, a bunch of adults running around in costumes with kids running around solving clues that get harder with each passing year. This year's story is themed on Peter Pan with kids invited to come as lost boys and girls in their pajamas. We even involve the chickens. And cut a maze in the hayfield. Ten acres of running around followed by a slip 'n slide. I'm always exhausted afterwards. Creatively and physically.

The first year, I received director's notes from E. Last year, she became upset when the script was modified to suit events as they unfolded. She has solemnly sworn not to get upset when folks deviate from the script this year. It's all performance art. So why am I posting about it now? Because I have two RSVP's from boys already. I love having a daughter, but it's the boys that make the party fun. The girls are generally more squeamish than E and prone to being frightened by pirates and wild men in our woods jumping out at them. I have to admit, I write my script to an audience of boys and tomboys.

When a six year old boy cries because his parents tell him it's time to leave, my work is done. This year, I have the challenge of 7-8 year old boys. It has to be edgy enough for a tv generation and clever enough that they can't skip steps.

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