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Trash Run (silly entry)

Trash run today. First one in almost a month. We have 3 trash barrels now because they raised the basic fee to a minimum of $5 per car. We used to pay $1.10 or $1.65 by weight and I went roughly once a week. Now I'm pushing to go every 3 weeks or so. As J says, this will be a good thing in the winter. When the trash tends to stay nice and cold instead of hot and nasty. I cover the back of the station wagon with newspaper, but I still end up picking maggots out of the carpeting. Yes, I know. You didn't need to know that. But it's all part of the circle of life. Just because I wear gloves and hold my breath doesn't mean I don't appreciate the little things in life that break down my nasty trash.

Maggots. Wondering how to use those white wormy things in a scene to good effect. A bird would probably think they tasted yummy. Do frogs eat maggots? Only if there are no other options and I'm starving to death. Certainly not for money on reality tv.

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