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The Mouse King Squeaks

At long last, The Mouse King is in draft. All of it. Every last detail of every scene. Damn nearly killed me. On Thursday night I was too tired to keep doing line edits, so I finished those up on Friday morning. And I still had to skip the 2 pages that were not cooperating. And do more line edits on another pass. Like picking blueberries, there were more ripe things to be cut.

Yesterday E scored another day with lots of tv while I sat and wrestled with the offending pages. It was very 'Bird by Bird.' No lie. So after I did two passes of line edits and deleted the 2 pages of crap, I had dropped the draft from 7200 words to about 5400. Pretty damn good. The 2 pages of crap were 600 words. So it seemed Mouse King would come in at 6k or so, which is long for me. The draft ended up at 6400 and I suspect I could cut it back from that without killing myself or it. And then there's always more clever significant detail that could be added. I was told ten years ago by someone who taught at The New School to think of it like an oil painting. You don't suddenly write the perfect draft, esp. in genre fiction. You layer things in. One editing pass is for this, another for that.

Anyhoo, I'm up in the middle of the night because of other work on the brain. And I'm waiting for reader reaction. So I had a nightmare of course. And lay awake for 45 minutes before I decided to just get up. And now maybe I can just go back to bed.

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