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Ok, so the tax work from hell has finally died down again. Tax work never really goes away. But the returns that were giving me nightmares have been handled. And I've hassled the ones that haven't come in yet. And I've made phone calls. And I've recreated the wheel from 2001 and 2002, to the best of my ability. So I think I'm in good shape to go forth and be a writer for a while...which is a good thing because Taos is in one week.

Now if I can just get the house clean for E's birthday party next Sat...

And since the last time it was cleaned that thoroughly was last year's birthday party, there is a mountain of clutter and 10 acres to be groomed as well.

So the Dude got home. Sort of. Now he's expected to drive to his office and then home later today because of a meeting not-to-be-missed. That's about 3 hours of driving. E was hoping he would pick her up from the camp bus. So was I so I could go to the gym this afternoon and not have to watch the clock.

Frog Out
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