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Yes, I'm here. Yes, E's birthday party is done. I'll post photos when I get back...I look silly in a feather and the Dude looks silly in a little Peter Pan hat. But the pirates were scary and the clues were very cool, thanks to the Dude's hard work rhyming stuff. I don't rhyme. My mind goes blank when I try.

So here I am in New Mexico for two weeks. I'm tired. First session today and it was hard work. I would really like to finish re-reading the night before so I can write in the early morning hours when I might have some energy. I spent the morning rustling up coffee and finishing critiques and freaking out about what I'll write this week. Then from 11 am to 4:15 we worked in the group with only short breaks. After that I went down to Taos with tcastleb to fetch the rest of the copies we need for critiquing from the printers. At 6 there was dinner, at 7 a short session on movie plots and writers workshops (Throw Momma From the Train).

And if I'm really a busy beaver, I'll get the 4 re-reads done now before I go to bed.

Too much information to absorb already and this was the first day.

Frog Out
PS: I miss my chickens. I miss the stupid dog underfoot all the time. I miss E and the Dude. I especially miss that the Dude makes the coffee in the morning and I just stumble out of bed for it.
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