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Yes, I'm here. Yes, E's birthday party is done. I'll post photos when I get back...I look silly in a feather and the Dude looks silly in a little Peter Pan hat. But the pirates were scary and the clues were very cool, thanks to the Dude's hard work rhyming stuff. I don't rhyme. My mind goes blank when I try.

So here I am in New Mexico for two weeks. I'm tired. First session today and it was hard work. I would really like to finish re-reading the night before so I can write in the early morning hours when I might have some energy. I spent the morning rustling up coffee and finishing critiques and freaking out about what I'll write this week. Then from 11 am to 4:15 we worked in the group with only short breaks. After that I went down to Taos with tcastleb to fetch the rest of the copies we need for critiquing from the printers. At 6 there was dinner, at 7 a short session on movie plots and writers workshops (Throw Momma From the Train).

And if I'm really a busy beaver, I'll get the 4 re-reads done now before I go to bed.

Too much information to absorb already and this was the first day.

Frog Out
PS: I miss my chickens. I miss the stupid dog underfoot all the time. I miss E and the Dude. I especially miss that the Dude makes the coffee in the morning and I just stumble out of bed for it.


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Jul. 10th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear you're beat, because I sure am. I can barely read the mss and the idea of writing something new leaves me dazed. Maybe I'll pull out the next few chapters of the same novel, revise using the crits I get, and submit that. That would be useful for me. Or I can try to write some of the opening of a new novel, but I'm slow.

Does it seem odd we're communicating by LJ when you're in the next building?
Jul. 10th, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)
Not at all. And what's funnier is that I can see Bonnie's network on my laptop. I haven't tried connecting to it though.
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