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The Plot Thickens

Let the girls out late today as it's raining, raining, raining and cold. There were already 5 eggs and I'm out of egg boxes again. Put most of their feed in the coop to encourage them to stay out of the rain today. Not that this will work. By this afternoon, I will have hungry wet chickens.

The whatever-it-is is strong enough to knock a brick off of the trash can. Interesting pattern in the crumbles again. Definitely looks like paws as opposed to a scooping bowl. That lid is more convex so I switched it with the other and put the bricks back on. We'll see what happens next. The problem is that if it's a racoon, they're omnivores and will eat eggs and chickens both if we don't keep feeding it crumbles. He or she will eat their way through the wood and wire to the coop. I think a prowl of the barn on a rotating schedule is called for.

The whatever-it-is is clever and strong. And I'm strictly gun-control. And pacifist. And the dog is so old he can't see much of anything. (cue creepy music) Hey, Jasper, if this turns out to be a half-man, I'm calling you to come and get rid of it.

Frog Out
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