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Clearly, I am a very boring person. I have tried to work today instead of going to see the new Harry Potter. Well, ok, that's not strictly true. I don't think I'm boring. I think I'm someone who's madly trying to write a new story before the deadline on Tuesday afternoon. Keep in mind that I will still need to read at least 6 (probably 7) submissions before then and write insightful comments. And keep in mind that we will have lectures both days. So yesterday and today were my best shots for large blocks of time, barring the wonderful time with George RR Martin yesterday, including dinner in the valley. I came back yesterday and wrote an additional 200 words after dinner before crashing. I had written over 1k already on Sat morning. This and lots of blueberries as well. Now the story stands at 2800 words, which is a halfway point for my typical work, especially one that will not have all its layering. Possibly, it will be less than 5k, for which my fellow workshoppers will no doubt thank me.

We hosted a blueberry pancake breakfast yesterday and today. That was my social nicety. And boy were they good pancakes. The main group having charged into town, I believe those of us locked up on the mountain are on our own for dinner.

This is a nice photo of Tracy (NJ) aka Crittersview on BlogSpot, syndicated here as crittersview and Kyle. They were at Clarion (East Lansing) together in 2005.

And this is Geoffrey who is araken, but he never posts. He went to Odyssey, in Manchester, NH in 2002.

And this is a shot of WJW (aka The Big Honcho) syndicated here as wjwblogspot taking a picture of the completed group plotting exercise for Bjorn's very dark novel, Core Force. We took Bjorn's ideas and laid out the novel in 3 sections with POV and key scenes leading to a climax in each section...all color-coded on 3x5 cards taped to the wall. The Snow Bear Lodge will never be the same after we leave.

Having allowed my body to adjust to the altitude, I decided to walk today. Nothing too much, I had to stop a couple of times to breathe, probably because I'm out of shape. I went up then down our part of the mountain and walked along the Rio Hondo's Nature Trail. Lots of beaver activity. And it was so sad to see the empty chair lifts idle. Now that would be fun. Chair lift up to see the view they see in the winter.

Back to writing.
Frog Out
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