Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Post Taos

I just updated my tags to be "taos toolbox" instead of "taos." Makes more sense and I want someone searching on "Taos Toolbox" to find them. Search on Taos and you could get just about anything.

I've been thinking of some useful tips for anyone going to Taos Toolbox.

1. Pack layered clothing. Include long pants and warm tops. It can get cold.
2. Do your critiques.
3. Bring your party manners and make friends with someone who has a car.
4. Or, rent/drive a car to the workshop and be instantly popular.
5. Plan to provide something...movies, special foods, a game. Something to break things up a bit.
6. Learn to survive on cold cuts and bagels.
7. Bring lotion for dry skin and sunblock.
8. Don't try to do everything offered for entertainment, but plan to do at least one touristy thing or to use the hot tub.
9. Remember to write.
10. Be kind to your roommate(s). Sometimes they get care packages or have access to chocolate. They also know how to short sheet your bed.

And above all:

Trust Walter to have put together a good group. Trust Walter to have picked the right accommodations, to have paced the work, to know when to pile it on and when to back off. The only way to get the best out of Taos Toolbox is to really believe that Walter knows what he's doing. Really. I promise. Even when he looks like he doesn't, it's all smoke and mirrors and there's a big reveal coming.

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