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Weather Data

The house had been open for two weeks. In late July, this is pretty unusual for Virginia. Usually we're all hunkered down with the A/C by the first. But it's been dry (not good) and the nights have been cool. The house is well-shaded and that helps keep the heat down. According to the electric bill that just arrived, we've used 25% less kwh than last year. Then Thursday night I had to take a quick shower to get comfortable to go to sleep and it was far cooler outside than inside. And Friday was progressively warmer. So I shut all the windows and turned the A/C on.

It was actually weird sleeping with air conditioning. Almost too cold. And we missed two late night cells that dropped .18 and .13 inches on us. We'll take it. North of us by about 10 miles, the center of this slow moving cell sat over them and was scheduled to dump 3 inches or more. Lucky them. But it's related to terrain and they have the Potomac. Still, the cloud-to-cloud lightning was particularly neat last night.

The Dude and I had our first night out in more than a month last night. Which is how we were out to watch the cloud-to-cloud lightning.

The woodchuck/groundhog continues to annoy. I have cayenne on my shopping list for today.

The IRS gig went well. I'm hoping for a no-change audit. It's the client's return, but my reputation. Now it's on to the returns that are still on extension (sigh) and the one from 2002 that was never filed, it seems.

I spent Friday and Saturday updating spreadsheets and cleaning house and making plane reservations for Boston. Next week is the last week of camp, but it's also E's testing for 2 days, so it won't be a stay-at-home week. With shorter gymnastics and art camps for the rest of August, I will be driving the car and hanging in Starbucks most days. Which might actually give me time to write.

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