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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays. A good day not to get up at all.

E woke up late and then had to be reminded that there was no tv today because she didn't finish her bedtime routine on time the night before (Dude's rules). So she was bummed. And didn't get dressed until she was almost late for her bus and I'm calmly saying she'll have to sit in her room all day if she misses her bus.

Meanwhile, it's the 30th of July. The rules are that I have to weigh in at least once a month. I should have weighed in when I got back from Taos, but I was thinking (god knows why) that I would lose weight in the week left in July. And that didn't happen (a long story). So here I was, stuck at the end of the month, facing my weighin.


The sad thing is that I did just about anything I could to avoid it. I dutifully pulled out the times and decided today was as good a day as any. My center is 30 miles away. I played solitaire and hung around online until it was almost too late to go, did the chickens late. Ran out the door, breakfast in hand for after the weighin. I got to the exit 1 mile from the center and checked my bag for my ID card and booklet at the light. Not there. I have NEVER left it behind before. But I did today. I was so ticked off I ate my breakfast while waiting for the light to change. Screw not eating until after I weighed in.

So back 30 miles I go. And that's when the gas tank read empty. But I got home and searched high and low for my booklet/card (which I had checked that morning). They were, of course, on my desk in not-so-plain sight. To me, anyway. And that envelope has the meeting times in it. And of course, it was just 45 minutes to the next meeting. So if I got back in the car and drove, I might make the weighin time. So off I went. And promptly realized on the driveway that I had left my phone in the house. I thought I had also forgotten my wallet (which I never do), but that turned out to be on the seat under other stuff. After I searched the house for it, of course. So I got the phone and started off. Needing gas. Which adds 10 minutes or more to any trip.

I squealed into the parking lot almost 10 minutes after the meeting was over, but one of the greeters was still there and took my card. "I know I gained," I said, just to keep her from feeling bad about breaking the news to me. I never go in without checking the damage on my own scale first. She settled for telling me that I really should attend the meetings to succeed. I would, but after 3 years of never missing a week, the meetings don't do much for me. Neither does counting calories most of the time. Ok, so my positive spin on this is that next month it will be easy to have an overall loss.

More running around. Shopping at Trader Joe's, which happens to be that same 30 miles away. Some extra food wandered into my basket, I must admit. Mostly freeze-dried fruit, so that's not so bad. Chocolate covered pretzels that are mostly for E. (Not a word, not a comment, from any of you!) Rush back home, thinking I'm late, but I wasn't, I still had time to go to John Deere to get the parts the Dude needs to fix the lawn tractor. He gave me a shopping list, but I had to fold the email over because he also told me about a dream/nightmare he had last night where E got lost in some crowds. Not sure the John Deere guy wanted to know about that. On the other hand, maybe he did and read it in the back when he was looking for parts.

Rush home, throw groceries on shelves. Drive to E's camp, find her and sign her out. Feed her and drive her to her tutoring at the library. Chalk up more miles. I think I've driven about 150 miles today. Just in running around. And my right leg isn't too happy about that. I'll have to join the local gym because it bothers my leg too much to drive to my current gym.

Encouraged E to do her story and her sentences.

Tomorrow it's all about starting her psych tests. Tonight I don't know if I'm planning to collapse or if I'm going to have the energy left to make pizzas from scratch. I've been craving one.

Frog Out
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