Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

First Testing Day Done

The first day of testing is done. This is the day with the psychologist. Tomorrow's testing will be heavily auditory. E and I had a very long talk last night. She kept requesting not to do the testing/evaluation at all and just go to camp. I sympathized about missing camp, but she hadn't minded up until this week. The flurry and excitement of the last week must be contagious. I told her to work hard. I told her not to ask to leave. I told her to take her breaks quickly. Because every time she stops and complains and loses her focus, the work will take that much longer.

She was a trooper. I have no idea what she did in the testing room, but she took her breaks when he said and didn't ask for extra ones and never complained about not being at camp. I also worked out a compromise with her and with the camp director. Because she so desperately wanted to be part of the last sleepover, I got them to agree that I could come pick her up at 10pm tonight, just as the kids go to sleep in the gym. E agreed this was a good thing because she would be home to sleep and go to her next day's testing. The camp director agreed as well. Generally, they don't allow it and I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't the very last overnight. Also, E had previously thought she would be ok missing it. So while it's a pain to go down there at 10 tonight and get home at 10:30, it seems slightly better than arriving there tomorrow at 7:30 and administering ritalin to a tired and sleepy child and trying to get her dressed and organized and gone to her 9am appointment.

Testing/evaluation was three hours today. During that time, I was writing a document summarizing interventions and observations from the past 17 months. I'm almost done, but as is typical, that last 10% to completion is killing me and I've run out of steam. Something about the heat and lots of driving and writing this morning. I just want to veg. But I also want it done. Veg/done. Veg/done. sigh.

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