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Moving Along

Last day of day camp today. And not even a full day for me, because E wants me to go see the 'show' they have at the end of each two week session. I think I'll just leave after that and let her take the bus for the last time. Earns me a final hour to myself.

Yesterday's testing was with a different psychologist and took a very long time. This is a good thing. E has never made it through the entire second day's tests including the auditory portions. We might get decent SCAN results this time. They were inconclusive the last two times. We were there from 9:30 to 12:50. We were half an hour late courtesy of an accident on Rt 7, the only way east to there from here. A trailer flipped in Leesburg. It looked bad, so I hope no one was seriously hurt. We were caught up in the aftermath, a standing wave effect, as the physicist says, resulting from roads that are being used beyond their capacity. I drove E to camp from there, because it was what she wanted. We arrived at 2pm and it ends at 3pm. I drove home for 45 minutes of peace and quiet before picking her up from the bus stop. Then it was off to the farmer's market in the heat. I also needed to fill the tank again yesterday, having driven 400 miles since I filled it on Monday. I can feel every mile in my leg.

She was fine until the Ritalin wore off yesterday, cheery and helpful for the most part. Then her short-term memory really fritzed and I ended up exhausted from repeating requests to collect eggs and empty her things out of the car. (Remembering this stuff and following up is a major challenge for *my* short term memory.) She ended up being extremely fresh by 8 or so, rather outrageous and unregulated. The Dude has claimed that this behavior is directly correlated with tv in the evenings. So I took the opportunity to point out that she had not watched tv after 1:30pm and the behavior was completely unrelated. The Dude has had a really rough week at work and was extremely exhausted himself. So he wasn't exactly in a tolerant mood. Nor was I. I ended up cold-switching her computer in the middle of a game, for which I received a light hit on the cheek. I told her she was on her own, no one would be reading to her. I was aware that she was in her pajamas and reading to herself, but that's about it because I crashed just after 9pm.

So I set the timer to let me know when I need to leave and get to camp. We barely made the bus this morning, she ate her breakfast in the car. I'm supposed to bring a sandwich with me (no bread in the house), but I forgot to go to the store after I left her at the bus. I've decided to be piggy and selfish and not go out again before I go down to camp. This is the last block of time I have for my own writing for a while. She and I will be spending an awful lot of time together in the month of August.

Frog Out
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