Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Writing and Virtual Children

The story moves on, at least in thought form (Girl Who Slept With Sun). Nothing added to the 900 words actually on paper (computer kind), but a lot has been said in long-hand about the ideas and what actually happens. I started with 4 children in this poor family and originally the other three were going to fall ill. But now I'm killing them off. And it just seemed cruel to kill that many children for no real reason, other than to get my character out her cottage door. It seemed excessive and in the short story form, superficial, because these brothers have little to do with the plot now that they have to die. So off they go, back into the ether from which they came. And now she's an only child with a questionable relationship with her father. Not overtly. Just the sort of thing a fairy tale critic might like to point out, an incest image. So clearly, her father deserves to die. And I'm about to cut a bunch of those 900 words. I'll just have to replace them.

Speaking of dying, the Tamagatchi saga goes on. We got one to 9 years old and I left her in a hot car for several hours and she died. The next two were boys and E refused to nurture them. We left them to die. Baby Tamas do not die easily. 8 piles of pooh and they're still alive. No food and they're still alive. It took almost 2 days for them to die, each of them. Now, at last, we have a girl again and I can stop feeling guilty about Tamacide. Guilt over a virtual life. What's next?

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