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I had more time yesterday for writing. My shoulders were sore from lifting weights the day before. I went to a new Starbucks, but here's my take on most of the Starbuck's I've visited lately. No comfy place to work. This one had a counter service, but very few tables and nothing large enough or at the right height. And then the laptop started doing a virus scan that ate up most of my main battery. Spare battery back at home, since we had been using the laptop to play dvd's in Boston. I did the drive home to get the battery because I had 1.5 hours between gymnastics camp and her regular gymnastics class. We used the time to get her some ice cream and then join Netflix using a fast connection to choose movies.

I thought $3.66 for the smallest possible size cup of ice cream was highway robbery. Plus I don't care for Hershey's, they make it much too sweet. And the guy wouldn't mix chocolate and coffee for E unless I bought the next larger size. I looked at him and said she wouldn't be able to finish the smallest size, so why would I buy a larger one? Sure enough, she could only finish half of it. And we wonder why our children have weight issues. For gosh sakes, make a kid's size. And it's also wasteful. Next time, I'll just tell him to only put half the amount in and sell the second half to someone else. But I applaud E for not needing to finish it off.

As for Netflix, here's that story. Originally, I thought it might be nice for E. She likes getting mail. But it was convoluted to pick movies and on a dialup, ugh! And then I figured out that we couldn't combine E's choices and ours, couldn't ship her one dvd and us one (poor system design). Besides, we have this non-Blockbuster store in town that has ancient dvd's and videos for kids. The ones you can't find. (We also have a Blockbuster, but it doesn't seem to carry anything but the latest releases.) E likes to go there and pick out movies. I like to support smaller franchises and local businesses. They were here in town long before Blockbuster arrived.

But alas. Two weeks ago, the workers came in and were told the store was closing. They shut down for 2 days while they sorted the inventory, shipped some of it to stores still open and marked the rest for sale. End of an era.

So yesterday, we hunkered down in Starbucks between gymnastics and signed her up with Netflix and made her wish list of movies. A good 50 choices, so we should be good for a while. We'll see how this goes, but I like the idea of no late fees anymore, no remembering to run to the store at 9pm. The Dude and I had already switched over to pay-per-view and recording what we buy to watch later, because there's never a good movie choice on a night we want to watch one.

And somewhere in all that, I just made myself start writing in the text...it was all 'as you know Bob' exposition, but I don't care. Sometimes I need to write in order to write.

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