Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

One Week Left

There's not much time to post these days. School starts next Tues and I get my mornings back. The Mommy school will end. I've faxed off info to the IRS to complete an audit, one hopes, fingers crossed and all that. I've attended an anniversary party for my parents and they've started the mountainous task of downsizing. I need to do some downsizing of my own this fall, down in the basement. Our babysitter has overcome her financial crisis and can now attend classes to complete her last semester of college, we hope. And we have now become an off-campus dorm.

But I have been to the gym to start back slowly with what may be an IT-Band issue. I'm doing non-impact cardio and lots of stretching in that leg once it's warmed up with cardio. Then some weights, upper body and abduction and adduction for the leg. No leg presses. The most I have so far is an annoying minor ache at night which doesn't require pain-killers. But I got that driving 100 miles+ on Monday, so I think I'm on the right track. And yesterday, hurrah, I finally remembered everything I needed for my gym bag. Take that you annoying subconscious that tries to avoid things!

It's even harder to post with a cat who aggressively wants attention. He's not allowed on my desk (none of them are) but I have a smaller table for my laptop and PD is usually flaked out there. Right now he seems to think both my hands should be occupied with him. As PD is a coon, this is him being outrageously friendly. Coons are not lap slobs.

Today, after Mommy school, I have a client lunch and then pick up E to drive to DC for a meeting with downsizing experts. We used them 5 years ago to organize our move out here. Hopefully, they can be of some assistance to my parents, but it's a touchy situation at best. Thursday I have the gym in my plans and Friday we meet E's new teacher. Ikea this weekend for basement dorm furniture. By Tuesday, I shall probably collapse, although I might be needed for the downsizing work downtown.

Frog Out
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