Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Bollywood and etc. on Friday

It's an awesome day. Not so hot I couldn't open the house again. Gave the girls old tomatoes this morning and they seemed to appreciate them. Heirloom, of course. Woodchuck hadn't been in the run yet. I placed an extra concrete block yesterday that might have slowed him down.

E met her teacher for 2nd grade. Seems nice. First grade teacher told her I'm a writer. I told her The Dude is a Weatherdude, hee, hee. (he, he, click.) Then it was off to the final day of gymnastics camp where they have been promised an up close and personal with a boa constrictor. Cool beans. We also scored a new backpack and lunchbox for E and did a (GAG!)trash run. The stuff in the barrels is extremely aromatic at this time of year and even better in an enclosed car. Poor E rode in back just in front of the bags, holding her nose for the 15 minute ride. If you've ever smelled a rendering plant, that was the smell. Complete with all the maggots you never wanted to see. The Rot Squad at work, as they say on The Magic School Bus.

And now I'm happily in a library downloading Bollywood songs for E. Monsoon Wedding remains one of her favorite movies and I have the soundtrack. A good chunk of that movie is too adult for her, so she can't see it without supervision. She has a girl's outfit from India as well and right now she's planning to wear that for Halloween this year. She received it as a present in kindergarten. That boy is back in her 2nd grade class, so hopefully, the friendship will revive at some level. So picture the E (Princess Dances with Trees blog entry last December) gracefully hopping about as a Bollywood dancer.

A sight to see.

Frog Out
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