Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

6PM Update

iPod has croaked. Rain came back. So did whatever-it-is. Chickens are wet and still stupid. 3 more eggs, making one dozen total for the day. Still no egg cartons to put them in. Built first fire of the season an hour ago.

Here is what we know. Whatever-it-is was not stopped by either 1 or 2 bricks on the lid. Whatever-it-is ignored the can of scratch which did not have any bricks on it since both were on the crumbles lid. Whatever-it-is is hypothesized to be stubborn or stupid or both. Or whatever-it-is is on the Atkins Diet and can't eat scratch. Whatever-it-is was not stopped by a closed and locked set of barn doors. Accordingly, whatever-it-is either lives in the barn, contrary to my prior posting, or can fit through the various gaps in the boards that RT and PD might not fit through. Whatever-it-is may be incorporeal. Or it may be some sort of termite thing that can become a larger being such as was seen in Men In Black. We certainly have plenty of termites in there.

I will send J to investigate the underside of the coop as there may be a large excavation near the steps. I never noticed it before, but my attention to detail is currently in a heightened state. I stepped quite swiftly in and out of the coop just in case a pair of sharp, rabid teeth were nearby. Because whatever-it-is doesn't give a damn about the lights being on and my trips to the barn every 3 hours.

Frog Out
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