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Break for Station Identification:
Leaves have not changed color yet, though the Black Locusts are brown...last to get their leaves, first to lose them. One thing I love about fall as it arrives is the increase in morning mist. There are small hills and valleys here, our own 5 acre field and the mist wraps around them. Where I drove it wasn't foggy or misty, no, it lay over the grass, the water, the hills in swaths of white veils. The sun was up and warm and promising to quickly dissipate the mist. Spiderwebs looked like small plastic bags thrown carelessly on the ground. I had to look twice to be sure it wasn't trash. The dew exposed some of the stranger shapes where a web had used a stick as well as been spread across the grass. And they were everywhere, every couple of feet. Go spiders. Eat bugs.

We now return you to your regular woodchuck station.

Today, we post a photo of the bottom of the barn where the chuck has been digging his way persistently into the coop and I have been persistently blocking him. He's quite fat right now, all silvery and furry.

He has enough bricks pulled under the barn to build himself a condo. Sometimes pieces of lumber disappear as well. Occasionally, plastic mulch or feed bags.

I've discovered that part of the appeal went beyond the soy I was leaving out. It seems he finds apples and pears irresistible. So part of my woodchuck plan now includes leaving cut up apples and pears by the grain cans, along with a pile of soy because the soy can is almost empty. These tributes do seem to disappear.

Frog Out
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